In the high-stakes world of information security, a veritable hoard of cyber-attackers are constantly pummeling the IT gates of an organization looking to steal precious information worth millions of dollars. In this world, the team with the latest intelligent cybersecurity toolset wins. Some tools are built out of necessity, while others are built for convenience. Cisco’s AppDynamics is built for both necessity and convenience.

Cisco’s AppDynamics is one of the most effective tools Federal Agencies can use to control their application environment, monitor threats, and keep adversaries wondering how they are able to patch security holes so quickly. Most Federal Agencies have already deployed AppDynamics in some capacity; with a quick demonstration, GovSmart’s Cisco cybersecurity experts can show you how to take full advantage of the AppDynamics platform.

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A Brief History of AppD Utilized as a Security Tool

Cisco’s Cloud Security Group has deployed AppDynamics software for internal use for many years. The software performed so well and showed such promise that Cisco acquired AppDynamics, Inc. in 2017 for $3.7B.

The mission of the Cloud Security Group can be stated simply: Protect the 2,000 physical servers and 5,000 virtual machines of Cisco’s network, as well as the more than 200 unique applications facilitating business and security transactions. The Cisco environment is an attractive target, requiring the Cloud Security Group to fend off 250 million security-related threats every single day.

So why did Cisco choose AppDynamics? Because AppDynamics’ ability to identify the root cause of problems down to individual lines of code in their applications allows Cisco to pinpoint precisely where a problem originates and immediately take action to fix it.

See Cisco’s Case Study and schedule a demonstration with GovSmart to see AppDynamics in action:

How Does AppDynamics Make a CISO’s Job More Comfortable?

AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application has some unique capabilities that most CISOs cannot live without.

  • AppDynamics offers real-time visibility into your application environment. The application relationship and metric visualizations that the software creates are stunning and easily readable.
  • Many Federal Agencies already trust AppDynamics . The purpose is to watch every line of code in a production environment and build a map of transactions an application needs to function correctly.
  • AppDynamics monitors application transactions to establish a baseline of performance metrics.
  • The AppDynamics application performance monitoring process makes it easy for a SecOps team to locate offending code as deviations from the baseline occur. Exploits will be caught in moments, not minutes, or even worse, months.
  • Teams utilizing AppDynamics with Secure Application are afforded a continuous vulnerability assessment. This is far superior to quarterly audits or a scan at the time of installing an application.
  • AppDynamics data, visualizations, and real-time ability to show that a particular service is or is not working means that the tool is an honest broker between all departments. No more finger-pointing; all groups on the same team can focus on winning the battle against their adversaries.
  • From DevOps to SecOps to ITOps, teams across the technology org chart can collaborate on security events using real-time data to develop automated responses to exploits and zero-day attacks.

In the information security world, a CISO must have better tools than the bad actors trying to destabilize their network. Schedule a Demo with GovSmart today so we can show you how AppDynamics can help you maintain peace and prosperity in your organization’s IT kingdom.



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