Disaster Recovery

GovSmart is here for you to help mitigate the risk of things going wrong, but sometimes unexpected events occur. That is why GovSmart offers comprehensive backups and disaster recovery solutions.

We follow the most effective, scalable, and efficient data protection strategies and partner with the best providers of backup solutions to offer multiple copies of your data across different storage devices with copies stored off-site.

We will help backup your applications, web services, databases, and configurations to know that your data is safe.


Why go with GovSmart?

  • Reduced cost and complexity of application migrations and data protection
  • Full automation of recovery and migration processes
  • Analytic software provides infrastructure visibility and control, even across clouds
  • Protect your hybrid physical, virtual, and SaaS environments
  • Protect from ransomware and know that you can quickly restore to a previous working configuration
  • Fast, efficient, remote backup solutions
  • End-To-End Security

Backup Engine

Block level encrypted backup
As low as 15 minute intervals
Historical backups you control
No dependent backup chains or roll-ups
High Compression Rates Using LZ2 Algorithms
No Reboot After Install 256 AES Encryption

Disaster Recovery

One-Click local and offsite virtualization
(Type 1 Hypervisor included)
Simple and quick file restores.
BMR (bare-metal-restore) to dissimilar hardware – Fastest in the industry
Simple appliance recovery

Offsite Storage

FED RAMP Certified DataCenter storage
Offsite Virtualization
SSAE 16 Type II or SOC Certified
99.999% reliability
Silent Data Corruption Protection
Server-Side Encryption (SSE) using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (128-bit SSL)

Supported Systems

Windows, Linux, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Export to VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VDI, or RAW

Any recovery point can be exported as a virtual disk file, to network drives, cloud storage, and local connected to the Appliance or Vault. Supported formats offer easy integration with VMware, Hyper-V (Gen1 and Gen2), VirtualBox, Xen, KVM and other platforms.

iSCSI Target Support

Each recovery point may be exposed as NTFS iSCSI disks for large data recovery or as a set of raw iSCSI disks and act as a SAN replacement to provide instant recovery of systems in your Enterprise virtual environment.

NFS Export

The Appliance or Vault can export NFS shares to provide shared storage for your virtual platform and to access exported Virtual Disk Images. This feature is very useful for recovering to a virtual platform, or from a failed SAN when your virtual hosts are still fine.