About GovSmart

At GovSmart, we’re transforming how government agencies approach IT and tactical product procurement. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to help you save time and money. With our expert strategies and streamlined procurement process, we’ve successfully delivered over $380 million in products in 2023 alone, and our total deliveries have exceeded $2 billion. This track record isn’t just a number—it’s a testament to our commitment to providing value and efficiency to our clients. By choosing GovSmart, you’re not just procuring products; you’re investing in smarter, more cost-effective solutions for your organization’s needs.


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Our Story

Founded by Brent Lillard (CEO) and Hamza Durrani (CFO) in 2009, GovSmart’s story is a testament to the enduring power of friendship and shared ambition. The company started from humble beginnings in a kitchen with a vision to revolutionize government IT procurement. This vision was further strengthened by the early involvement of close childhood and college friends, Glenn Willard (COO) and Adam Deane (CXO), whose contributions were pivotal in shaping and running the company.


GovSmart’s journey began with a strategic step into a HUBZone in Charlottesville, leading to an important early milestone: achieving HUBZone Certification. This certification laid the groundwork for future successes and underscored the company’s commitment to excellence.

The path to prominence continued with the attainment of the coveted 8(a) Certification, a significant leap forward in GovSmart’s journey. Winning major contracts like SEWP V and CIO-CS was key to the company’s ability to graduate from the 8(a) program, affirming GovSmart’s capabilities and potential in the federal IT procurement arena.

Throughout its evolution, GovSmart has stayed true to its roots, fueled by the collaborative spirit and expertise of its founders and early team members. The company’s growth and successful graduation from the 8(a) program showcase its resilience and ability to excel in a competitive marketplace. Reflecting our commitment to fostering industry growth and collaboration, GovSmart has established an SBA Mentor/Protégé relationship with FedTribe, a Tribal 8(a) and HUBZone Certified entity. This partnership underlines our dedication to sharing our knowledge and network to help them succeed, introducing them to key industry partners and contracting personnel. It’s a step that not only strengthens FedTribe but also reinforces GovSmart’s role as a leader committed to the collective success and advancement of the government IT sector.

Today, GovSmart stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial success, built on a foundation of friendship, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier IT solutions to government agencies.