We’re excited to partner with Zebra Technologies to provide the government products focused on enterprise visibility and data capture. Some technologies include: barcode scanning, RFID labeling, printing, locating systems hardware & software, as well as kiosk printers.

For combat missions – and, more recently, meeting the supply chain challenges of COVID-19—the military needs robust and efficient supply chain operations. Zebra provides the tools and capabilities needed to gain real-time awareness about inventory and assets—and to move services and resources where they are needed. Our military tracking systems use RFID and barcode technology for understanding where assets are located as well as their condition. From the PX to the depot, Zebra advanced technology gives you secure, accurate, real-time visibility into every aspect of your military operations.

Police officers must act quickly and decisively in fast-paced, ever-changing situations. With the power of secure, broadband public safety tablets, law enforcement has access to an abundance of data-rich applications that aid in solving crime and keeping officers and the communities they serve safe.

Meeting the communication and mobility needs of military forces in a wide range of situations and climate conditions is a daunting challenge. Zebra rugged tablets live up to the most rigorous military standards. Waterproof and dustproof, they are built for ease of use and heroic operation. Now, government customers can purchase Zebra tablets through Rugged Development’s GSA contract.