GovSmart and VIDIZMO are partnered to provide the government a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management solution (EVCM) and IDC recognized evidence management solutions. VIDZMO features live and on-demand video streaming capabilities, as well as secure and compliant digital evidence hosting solutions. These solutions allow smooth content delivery on all devices under all bandwidth conditions in a YouTube-like, responsive, multilingual, and brandable user-interface (UI).

As VIDIZMO’s solutions are designed to cater to regulatory and security challenges faced by enterprises, they are preferred by various public sector organizations. Vidizmo is available on Azure Commercial, Azure Gov, and AWS cloud. Customers may also choose to deploy on any other cloud of choice, on-premises or in a hybrid model. Notable customers of VIDIZMO include DMV California and the US State Department.


A brandable enterprise video content management system. Create, host, manage, search, stream and share videos with internal and external audiences. EnterpriseTube offers both live and on-demand video streaming, user and roles management, AI for transcription, facial and object detection, search inside video capabilities, and automatic ingestion of recorded meetings from Zoom or any other video conferencing solution.

Digital Evidence Management System

A secure, centralized and CJIS compliant, “IDC” recognized digital evidence management system to easily manage, search, analyze and share digital evidence. Get detailed audit logs, chain of custody reports, and other features to protect and share evidence such as tamper detection, disposition policy, password protection and limited sharing.

Virtual Academy

A brandable video training platform where you can arrange videos according to courses, insert quizzes in videos and much more. You can use the platform to stream live and on-demand training content, and also integrate it with your LMS or CMS.