GovSmart has welcomed a new Senior Director of their Tactical division to continue growing its offerings through 3 major divisions: IT, Manufacturing, and Tactical. GovSmart holds a Type 10 Federal Firearms License that enables us to manufacture and deal in all types of small and NFA firearms and destructive devices. By utilizing its additive manufacturing lab, GovSmart can manufacture tactical gear in-house allowing customers to experience how 3D printing can help them achieve their mission. Brandon Lillard will head up this new division bringing his tremendous leadership and real-world tactical experience to the GovSmart team.

Mr. Lillard has been involved in law enforcement for over 20 years. Starting out as a patrol deputy in Madison County and working his way up through the ranks to patrol sergeant. In 2007, Brandon joined the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office where his first assignment was school resource officer. He later joined the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and was later appointed as team leader. He continued to develop in his career by being promoted to detective and becoming sworn to the FBI’s Violent Crimes Taskforce. He remained in SERT and was promoted again to sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Division overseeing the investigations of many detectives.

Mr. Lillard has a lengthy and extensive history of certifications and training ranging from emergency communication and evacuation training, anti-terror, workplace violence prevention, tactical investigations, emergency vehicle operations, advanced SWAT operations and investigative experience. Brandon also holds an instructorship in driver training and has been a DCJS certified firearms instructor for 18 years.

In addition to his expertise, Brandon has a vast amount of front-line experience teaching, leading, and instructing others on various law enforcement and related topics.  An accomplished speaker, he brings many years of communication, interview, interrogation, and public relations experience when instructing a course. Brandon is not only a proven leader in the tactical realm of his law enforcement career but has also proven to be successful in his current assignment as a detective. Brandon has been assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division for 13 years and has been the lead detective on several high-profile cases to include rape, abduction, bank robberies, and murder. Brandon has demonstrated great leadership and discipline in managing other detectives during the investigation process and ensuring a successful prosecution of the case at hand. Brandon continually exhibits professionalism, integrity and good judgment, all while being a most dependable team player. He is not only an asset to the Criminal Investigations Division but to the entire office. Brandon remains sworn as a special detective and continues to assist in firearms training and complex investigations.

Training / Certifications / Current Membership

General Instructor Development Certification, DCJS

State Firearms Instructor Certification, DCJS

Virginia State Police; Stinger Spike Strip, Tire Deflation Device Certification

Blue Ridge Narcotics Taskforce, Narcotic Interdiction Class

Gang Awareness Class, Department of Corrections, VA

Prince William County Police Department; Crime Scene Technician School

Prince William County Police Department; Crime Scene Photography School

VA Fire Services Board; Hazardous Material Awareness

Harrisonburg Police Department S.W.A.T. School, Team Leader

U.S. Army Ranger hosted Sniper School

Glock™ Firearms Armorers Course

Field Training Officer certification, DCJS

Gang Awareness training

MP-5/ M4 Live Fire/ Hostage Rescue School – Singleton International

DEA Clandestine Methamphetamine – First Responder School

Hazardous Communication & Emergency Evacuation Training

School Resource Officer Certification

Homicide Scene Seminar, Department of Forensic Science

Workplace Violence workshop, RRCJA, VA

SWAT Sniper School – Fairfax Police Department

Adult Sex Crimes Investigations, DCJS

Anti-Terrorism Training, Bureau of Justice Assistance

Infant Death Investigations, ESTA

Man Tracking for Law Enforcement, DCJS

Tactical Canine Casualty Care, Veterinary Tactical Group

Advanced SWAT, Harrisonburg Police Department, VA DCJS

Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, John E. Reid and Associates

Advanced Reid Course, Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation

Driving Training Instructor Certification, DCJS

Developing and Managing Informants, Signal 13 Training

Abuse and Diversion of Prescription Drugs, Purdue

Child Abductions/Kidnapping Workshop, FBI

Combat Pistol Course, Harrisonburg Police Department/DCJS

FEMA IS800, 700, 200, 100

Emergency Response to Terrorism, National Fire Academy

PowerPoint Introduction, DCJS

Easydrift™ DTS Basic Instructor

AR15/M16 Carbine Armorer Course, ACADEMI/NRA

Gang Training, Culpeper Police Department, VA

The Search Warrant Process, DCJS

Remington 870 Armorer Course, Remington/NRA

Ruger LCP/LCR Armorer Course, ACADEMI/NRA

2014 Valor Award recipient, FCSO

CES Breath Course

Insurance Fraud Investigations

First Line Supervisor School

Basic Incident Command for Law Enforcement

Member of the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association

Accountability and Responsibility for First Line Supervisors

Conducting Administrative Investigations

Critical Incident Management

Next Steps in Active Shooter Training