GovSmart has donated $10,000 to support the Haven, a Charlottesville-based nonprofit aimed to end homelessness in the greater Charlottesville community. They teamed up with DoGoodCville to underwrite a year’s worth of the shelter’s Laundry Card, ID and Phone Home programs.

“These guys at GovSmart, they’re a local HUBZone company, and when I spoke to them their big thing was we want to help local, and they wanted to be able to find somebody in town that was benefiting,” Kerry Rock, co-founder of DoGoodCville said.

“We try to stay in the spirit of the HUBZone program and always donate to the local community, [and] especially target the areas that are hit hardest by unemployment and various things like that,” Brent Lillard, CEO of GovSmart said.

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