GovSmart has put a major focus on the Additive Manufacturing industry over the past two years. By partnering with Markforged, and building a full portfolio of surrounding technologies, GovSmart has surpassed $3 million in sales of the technology. Some of their customers include major agencies such as NASA, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Navy. As GovSmart grows into the future, it’s expected that the customer base will multiply many times over. With over 50 employees, GovSmart has a large sales team to best support its customers.  With the rise in adoption rate of additive manufacturing, GovSmart has built an additive manufacturing team to further reach with customers. This team does lead generation, customer demos, installation services, and constant knowledge transfer sessions within the organization and customers. They help customers stay on top of the evolving trends and help them decide how to integrate Additive Manufacturing into their operation.

GovSmart recently completed the installation of a dedicated 3D print demo lab. The strong partnership with Markforged allowed for a fully equipped lab featuring three top-of-the-line printers. These printers have the capability to print both composite and metal, which is crucial to meeting customers’ needs. This lab to show our customers how the printers work, how they’re installed, calibrated, and show off their capability by printing some customized parts.

GovSmart has the expertise to help customers innovate and use additive manufacturing to better support their mission. Visit the Additive Manufacturing page for more information on this cutting-edge industry.